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Viki village,
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“The Invisibles”

A reflection on the work done at Saaremaa Museum last year, exhibition “The Invisibles” focuses on the time and activities that visitors do not see, that are invisible to them.

I Construction and Findings

Construction is symbolized by a small container (approx. 2 kg) of construction dust, of which approximately 160 tons were removed from the castle fortress during the renovation work. During construction, this dust was everywhere. Now that the work is finished, it is gone and cannot be brought back or experienced again. All that remains is this small amount – which was collected when the work was still in progress. Unique and one-of-a-kind, and who knows, maybe even centuries old.
(North-East Wing Hall)

Scratches – these are marks on the stones: “The walls of many old stone buildings all over Estonia have marks, some of which we can guess the meaning of, while others remain a mystery.” During the construction process, the previous finishing layers were removed from the stone walls and the marks on the stones, which were previously partially visible, have now been mapped, analyzed and documented. Not all the marks are located in the same room as the information panels. You can look for them elsewhere – where you see a round sticker on the wall, look, maybe there is the next mysterious marking.
(North-East Wing Hall)

The Well – a rare and amazing find. As project manager Tõnu Sepp has said, he does not know of any other castle where such a rarity has been found inside the outer wall.
(Last hall of the North-West Wing)

II Visual Identity

The new CVI (corporate visual identity) of the museum, or style guide. All Saaremaa Museum branches now have new logos, patterns and colors to help with the design. There is a new website and new uniforms for the staff. The exhibition presents a general introduction and some style examples.
(Starts in the North-East Wing Hall, ends in the first hall of the North-West Wing)

III Project

The entire restoration project of the castle fortress together with the solution for the new permanent exhibition. A short presentation of the project is located on the wall panels. For those who are more interested in this topic, the project is printed out in its entirety and available on the reading tables.